for some reason my gifs always upload blurry or they don't move at all?? i make sure the frames are a reasonable amount, try to keep the color simple, AND they're all the same size yet they come out blurry or they don't move. any idea why? - Anonymous

it might be because you havent sharpened them (or did but not enough) or youre not giffing from a high quality video (your gifs turn out better when theyre giffed from 720p or 1080p videos) for why theyre blurry. here are my sharpen settings if you need them and heres a tutorial on how to sharpen gifs if you need it.

if your gif doesnt fit the size limit (which is now 2mb for 500px i believe and 2.5mb for 245px and 160px gifs) it wont move when you upload it or if you havent set the looping to forever it will move once and then stop. 

so like heres what your settings look like when you go to save:


what you want to pay attention to in order for your gif to move properly when you upload is:


(ignore everything else like your settings dont have to look exactly like this just the circled parts) make sure you set your looping option to forever, sometimes when you go to save it will set to once by default, make sure its on forever before you save.

another thing is this:


make sure your gif is under 2mb and you should be good to go.

also setting your gif to pattern instead of diffusion may help (if youve already sharpened):


uhh i hope this helps but if not feel free to keep asking?????

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psd pack #01;
by havesomefuckinpsds

*only made to be used on scenery edits/gifs, it wont look good on edits/gifs of people, trust me.

are you gonna make any new psds soon?can you make one by focusing on purple and pink? - Anonymous

yeah ill get back to posting psds soon sorry about that and yeah i can do that

Your psds are amazing!! Especially psd02 and psd03 <3 - Anonymous

ah thank you!!!

are you searching members? - Anonymous

sure i mean ive considered it since its hard to maintain a blog all by yourself..

like if you want to join or whatever i would just require that you can obviously make psds and also make coloring tutorials (you dont have to do tutorials all the time just every once in a while u know). idk if you wanna be a member submit some psds of yours (w/ the download links) and ill check you out??? yeah

(sharpen anon again) omg thank you so much! i didn't really expect you to reply, but you did and it was really helpful and kind, and just oh my gosh thank you for being so lovely! - Anonymous

ahh ur welcome friend im glad i could help!!

hey, i love your tutorials and psds! thanks for sharing them! are there any really basic tips you have for making gifs for beginners? like any actions/sharpen/effects that you use basically everytime which would be handy to have? thanks so much - Anonymous

basically i just use kmplayer to get all my frames, i set my frames usually to 0.07 or 0.09, and i use these smart sharpen settings


those are basically the things that i use literally every time i gif uhhh i hope this was helpful let me know if you need anything else though???

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can i request psds (with examples)??? - Anonymous

uhh sure if i have the psd saved or do you mean like request a certain psd for a certain show or whatever??

coloring tutorial/process #02;
by havesomefuckinpsds

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You colouring psd is the best!! - samhotdamn

thank you <33